Recent Relief Services : A Brief Report of as on 01 March 2016

CYCLONE RELIEF: FIJI: In the wake of the devastating cyclone ‘Winston’ which has struck the Republic of Fiji, in South Pacific, our local centre has initiated extensive relief work in the affected areas. Since 25 February, Fiji centre has started providing free medical services to the affected people through its medical centres in Nadi and Suva. Moreover, arrangements are also being made to distribute imported Vegetable Seeds among the affected farmers to address the food security issue.


REHABILITATION: (a) Andhra Pradesh: Our Visakhapatnam centre has constructed a non-formal education centre and a temporary structure in the Hudhud cyclone affected Walabu and Vantlamamidi villages respectively. Moreover the centre has also undertaken a water supply project wherein nearly 10,000 metres of pipeline will be laid in 10 villages to facilitate the supply of clean drinking water from a faraway source. (b) Tamil Nadu: Our Chennai Students Home and Chennai Math centres have undertaken the construction of low-cost Housing Project (nearly 80 residential units) for flood affected poor families in Cuddalore and Thiruvallur districts. (c) Uttarakhand: The construction of the new 3-storied Girls’ Hostel building (16,651 sq. feet) and the new 3-storied Post-Graduate block (11,819 sq. feet) at the AP Bahuguna Govt. PG College in Agastyamuni, Uttarakhand, undertaken by the Headquarters, through our Dehradun centre, has been completed. The scheduled inauguration of the buildings has been arranged on 16 March 2016.


WINTER RELIEF: A total of 84,012 blankets and 10,774 winter garments were distributed by 97 of our centres, among poor people affected by winter, flood, fire etc. in different parts of the country.


FLOOD RELIEF: TAMIL NADU: Torrential rains in many parts of Tamil Nadu in November and December caused severe inundation in several areas of the state. Lakhs of families were affected by the severe water logging and due to disruption of supply of essential commodities. Monastic members, assisted by teams of dedicated volunteers, of our Chennai Math, Chennai Students’ Home, Chennai Mission Ashrama, Chengalpattu, Coimbatore Math, Kanchipuram, Madurai, Malliankaranai and Nattarampalli centres conducted extensive primary relief work by serving 1,01,025 packets of cooked food and distributing 1,80,095 kg rice, 8316 kg rava (semolina), 1125 kg semiya (vermicelli), 204 kg flour, 41,968 loaves of bread, 32,804 kg dal (lentils), 375 kg soybeans, 7010 kg vegetables, 20,492 kg edible oil, 6418 kg assorted spices, 536 packets of assorted spices, 1267 kg tamarind, 13,922 kg salt, 59,830 packets of biscuits, 9067 litres of milk, 5144 kg milk powder, 24,739 kg sugar, 27 kg CTC tea, 505 kg Horlicks, 29,120 litres of drinking water, 6577 packets of mosquito-repellent coils, 25,200 matchboxes, 22,716 mats, 15,248 blankets, 23,047 bed-sheets, 23,614 saris, 2904 dhotis, 18,626 lungis, 13,558 towels, 30,861 assorted garments, 424 toiletry kits, 600 bars of bathing soap, 700 bars of washing soap, 300 packets of washing powder, 300 toothpastes, 1200 toothbrush, 3428 buckets, 2812 mugs, 23,257 plates, 20,630 tumblers, 10,617 cooking vessels, 1773 pots, 16,452 spoons, 4048 stoves, 300 solar lamps, etc. among nearly 49,000 families in various parts of Chennai city as well as in several villages of Chengalpattu, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts from 14 November to 27 January. Moreover, medical assistance was provided to 2694 flood-affected patients in this period.


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