Recent Relief Services – Brief Report : 01 Jan 2020

Cyclone Relief

West Bengal

In the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Bulbul in November, the following relief services were conducted:


Baghbazar centre distributed 1050 blankets, 140 dhotis, 800 saris, 1600 shirts, 600 trousers, 100 children’s garments, 100 plastic sheets, 100 kg chira (rice flakes), 100 kg muri (puffed rice), 1000 packets of biscuits and 50 kg jaggery among 988 families in South 24 Parganas district from 17 November to 8 December.


Belgharia centre distributed 2000 blankets, 3000 saris, 3000 lungis and 2108 mosquito-nets among 2108 families in South 24 Parganas district on 15 December.


Taki centre distributed 3000 blankets, 3000 saris and 3000 lungis among 3000 families in North 24 Parganas district from 4 to 10 December.

Rehabilitation work by way of construction of residential houses, student’s hostel, community hall and repair and renovation of over 100 houses is in progress.

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Flood Relief

Sri Lanka

In response to the floods caused by heavy rains and breach of embankments of lakes in and around Batticaloa, the Batticaloa sub-centre of Colombo Ashrama distributed 5490 kg rice, 1398 kg dal, 1398 kg sugar, 325 kg milk powder, 145 packets of biscuits, 45 mats, 45 bedsheets and 45 mosquito-nets among 594 affected families from 6 to 25 December.

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Fire Relief

Arunachal Pradesh

In response to a fire accident at a village near Aalo in which 5 houses were completely burnt down, Aalo centre gave 23 blankets, 24 shirts, 24 trousers, 24 jackets, 7 sets of utensils (each set containing a karahi, 3 pots, a bucket, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 ladles, a jug, a mug, and a pan), 70 notebooks, 21 pencils, 21 erasers and 21 pencil sharpeners to 7 affected families on 6 December.


In a fire accident at Laitumkhrah, Shillong, on 18 December, one house was completely destroyed. Shillong centre distributed 32 blankets, 50 saris, 125 kg rice, 40 kg dal, 25 kg soybeans, 30 kg muri, 5 kg tea leaves, 16 toothbrushes and 16 tubes of toothpaste among five affected families on 25 December.

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Economic Rehabilitation

Under self-employment programme, the following centres distributed necessary items, shown against their names, to poor and needy people in their respective areas:


103 sewing machines on 18 December.


1 cycle rickshaw, 1 rickshaw-van and 2 sewing machines on 18 December.

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Winter Relief

This year, 61,412 blankets and 1,38,806 winter garments are being distributed among the poor and needy people, through 116 of our branch centres in different parts of the country.

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Distress Relief

To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 26 of our centres distributed 15,228 shirts/T-shirts, pieces of cloth for 16,145 shirts/T-shirts, 15,535 trousers, pieces of cloth for 10,850 shirts, 9 dhotis, 18 lungis, 3821 saris, 100 tops, 802 sets of children’s garments, 51 woollen caps, 1700 pairs of socks, 416 mosquito-nets, 100 kg powdered maize, 545 kg rice, 255 kg flour, 341 kg dal, 14 kg soya nuggets, 80 kg cooking oil, 80 kg salt, 17 kg assorted spices, 54 kg sugar, 51 packets of tea leaves, 51 packets of milk powder, 3400 bars of soap, 51 packets of washing soap powder, 1700 phials of oil, 1700 saris, 200 school bags, 200 timepieces, 400 notebooks, 400 pens and 200 water bottles etc. among the poor and needy people.

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