Recent Relief Services – Brief Report : 01 March 2020

Cyclone Relief

West Bengal

In the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Bulbul in November, Narendrapur centre distributed 1081 blankets, 1081 saris and 1081 mosquito-nets among 1081 families in North and South 24 Parganas districts from 31 December to 5 January.

Rehabilitation work by way of construction of residential houses, student’s hostel, community hall and repair and renovation of over 100 houses is in progress.

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Flood Relief


Purnea centre distributed 330 saris and 32 lungis on 1 January among 362 families that had been affected by floods in October.

Sri Lanka

In response to the floods caused by heavy rains and breach of embankments of lakes in and around Batticaloa, the Batticaloa sub-centre of Colombo Ashrama distributed 7910 kg rice, 1640 kg dal, 1640 kg sugar, 325 kg milk powder, 145 packets of biscuits, 45 mats, 45 bedsheets and 45 mosquito-nets among 836 affected families from 6 to 29 December.

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Winter Relief

This year, 65,059 blankets and 1,44,261 winter garments are being distributed among the poor and needy people, through 122 of our branch centres in different parts of the country.

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Distress Relief

To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 26 of our centres distributed 15,228 shirts/T-shirts, pieces of cloth for 18,859 shirts/T-shirts, 13,371 trousers, pieces of cloth for 3,400 shirts, 824 dhotis, 30 uttariyas, 2281 saris, 1858 tops, 124 frocks, 95 assorted garments, 30 sweaters, 8 towels, 305 mosquito-nets, 100 kg powdered maize, 5 kg maize flour, 244 kg rice, 59 kg dal, 76 kg jaggery, 24 kg ghee, 219 sugarcane sticks, 24 kg assorted spices, 6 kg dry fruits, 119 coconuts, 3 kg camphor, 119 pots, 119 packets of incense sticks, 10 packets of milk powder, 10 bottles of edible oil, 47 pairs of footwear and 9 pairs of socks, 27 toys, 1643 notebooks, 481 pens and 962 chocolates among the poor and needy people.

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