Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 1 September 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

Some of our centres continued Covid-19 pandemic relief work. Details of their work are given below:



Haripad centre distributed 75 kg rice, 30 kg gram, 15 kg potatoes, 15 kg onions, 15 litres cooking oil, 15 kg salt, 15 kg sugar and 4 kg tea powder among 15 families in Alappuzha
district on 4 August.

Kochi centre distributed 100 kg pulses, 50 kg broken wheat, 50 litres cooking oil, 110 kg assorted spices, 100 packets of dry chilli, 150 kg jaggery, 20 kg ghee, 100 packets of
cardamom and raisins mix, 100 packets of papad, 25 kg tea powder, 50 kg sugar, 200 coconuts, 10 kg chips, 10 kg jaggery chips and 100 towels among 100 families in Ernakulam district on 19 August.

Koyilandy centre distributed 125 bottles of Chyawanprash (an Ayurvedic health supplement), 63 kg milk powder and 63 kg dates among 125 tribal children in Kozhikode district from 27 July to 1 August.

Thiruvalla centre distributed 25 kg flour, 13 kg pulses, 13 kg green gram, 13 litres cooking oil, 6 kg chilli powder, 25 kg salt, 6 kg tea powder and 25 kg sugar among 25 families in Thiruvalla in May. Further, the centre distributed homoeopathy medicine among 250 persons in May.


Mumbai centre is running a free vaccination centre in which 3182 doses were administered between 29 July and 28 August.

Tamil Nadu

Salem centre handed over a washing machine, a hydro extractor, a tumbler dryer and a SS soap soda storage tank to a hospital in Salem on 4 August.

Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi Home of Service is running a vaccination centre where 1908 persons received vaccination during the period from 28 June to 24 July.

West Bengal

Bagda centre distributed 100 tubes of toothpaste, 400 toothbrushes, 400 tongue cleaners, 200 bars of bathing soap, 1600 sachets of shampoo, 100 bottles of hair oil, 9 kg detergent powder, 200 tubes of antiseptic cream, 400 face masks and 100 bottles of hand sanitizer among 100 families in Purulia district on 2 August.

Rahara centre arranged vaccination for 814 persons from 18 March to 27 July.

RKMVERI, Belur, in cooperation with Narendrapur centre and other organizations conducted a Covid vaccination drive in which 834 people received vaccination from 25 July to 1 August.

Saradapitha centre, Belur, started an RT-PCR testing centre in which 272 tests were conducted and a vaccination drive in which 2783 persons received vaccination from 17
May to 4 August.


Bagerhat centre distributed 300 kg rice, 60 kg pulses, 120 kg potatoes, 30 litres of cooking oil and 60 kg salt among 60 families in Khulna district on 29 August.

Flood Relief

Floods triggered by incessant rains caused damage to people’s life and property in some parts of Bihar and West Bengal in August. In response to the calamity, 9 of our centres conducted the following relief operations:


Floods triggered by incessant rains caused damage to people’s life and property in some parts of Bihar and West Bengal in August. In response to the calamity, 9 of our centres conducted the following relief operations:

West Bengal

Antpur centre distributed 2200 kg rice, 420 kg pulses, 120 kg soya chunks, 25,000 kg chira, 5000 kg sugar and 30 tarpaulins among 13,098 families in Hooghly and Howrah districts from 3 to 17 August.

Gourhati centre distributed 4750 kg chira, 1200 kg sugar, 491 kg milk powder, 2520 packets of biscuits, 6480 candles and 2540 matchboxes among 2500 families in Hooghly and Paschim Medinipur districts from 6 to 20 August.

Ichapur centre served 3800 plates of cooked food and distributed 300 kg rice, 200 kg pulses, 2500 kg chira, 250 kg sugar and 144 packets of biscuits among 2543 families in the Hooghly district from 3 to 11 August.

Kamarpukur centre distributed 18,000 kg chira, 3300 kg sugar, 17,288 packets of biscuits, 1440 packets of cakes and 1000 face masks among 8298 families in Hooghly district from 5 to 12 August.

Malda centre distributed 271 tarpaulins among as many families in the Malda district on 21 and 24 August.

Medinipur centre distributed 990 kg pulses, 460 kg soya chunks, 505 litres cooking oil, 1000 kg salt, 250 kg assorted spices, 204 kg milk powder, 4896 packets of biscuits and 2032 bars of soap among 1010 affected families in Paschim Medinipur district from 5 to 11 August. The centre also held a medical camp in a local high school on 15 August in which 597 people were treated.

Rahara centre served 1925 plates of cooked food and distributed 800 packets of biscuits and 800 packets of cakes among 450 families in North 24 Parganas district from 26 to 29 July.

Saradapitha centre, Belur, distributed 500 kg rice, 250 kg pulses, 75 kg soya chunks, 500 kg potatoes, 250 kg onions, 113 kg salt, 12 kg turmeric powder, 5600 kg chira, 280 kg milk powder, 344 kg sattu, 1755 packets of biscuits, 1350 kg sugar, 37 kg Horlicks, 2000 face masks

Fire Relief


Tamil Nadu: In response to a fire accident at Thirupoonthuruthy in Thanjavur district, Thanjavur Math distributed 20 blankets and 20 children’s garments among the affected families on 27 August.


Bagerhat centre provided 20 corrugated iron sheets on 12 August to a family in Bagerhat district whose house had been burnt down in a devastating fire incident.

Distress Relief

Jayrambati centre distributed 300 kg pulses, 200 litres cooking oil, 60 kg assorted spices, 200 bottles of hair oil, 200 bars of bathing soap, 200 bars of washing soap, 200 kg detergent powder, 200 saris, 200 napkins and 200 face masks on 20 July and 20 August.

Mumbai centre distributed 600 kg rice, 500 kg flour, 470 kg black gram, 1510 kg pulses, 200 kg soya chunks, 235 kg raw peanuts, 50 litres cooking oil, 520 kg salt, 50 kg sugar, 470 kg milk powder, 940 kg jaggery, 125 packets of biscuits, 125 packets of chikki (a sweet made from nuts and jaggery), 470 bottles of hair oil, 3760 bars of bathing soap, 470 kg washing powder, 940 packets of tooth powder, 2350 packets of napkins and 940 saris on 21 July and 10 August.

The centre also built a well for drinking water at Shiroshi village and installed a solarbased drinking water system at Kalmavihira village, both in Palghar district. These were inaugurated on 10 August.

Puri Math distributed 200 saris from 7 March to 18 July.

Sinthi (Beni Pal Udyan) centre distributed 160 kg rice, 22 kg pulses, 60 kg potatoes, 9 kg gram, 12 litres cooking oil, 1 kg spices and 5 kg salt from 1 to 31 July.

Distress Rehabilitation

Thanjavur Math renovated two houses and a tiffin shop of two poor men in Thiruthuraipoondi (Thiruvarur district) and Thanjavur in August.

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