Manasadwip: Amphan Cyclone Relief and Rehabilitation

June and July 2020

The super-cyclone Amphan hit Ganga Sagar island on 20 May 2020 and devastated the whole island severely. After completing primary relief, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Manasadwip has started extensive survey within the villages mainly at Rashpur, Purushottampur and also Baghbazar, Rudranagar, Kirtankhali, Mandirtala and Dhaspara to ascertain the number of houses the asbestos roof of which has been broken because of Amphan. The present status of the rehabilitation of damaged houses is as follows:

Total number of houses taken for rehabilitation 214 houses
Building materials distributed to 211 houses
Rehabilitation work completed 97 houses
Work in progress 50 houses
Work yet to begin 67 houses


The ashrama distributed the following building materials under this project during June and July 2020 is as follows:

Items Size Unit Quantity
Asbestos 5 ft Pcs 25
6 ft Pcs 305
7 ft Pcs 432
8 ft Pcs 219
10 ft Pcs 720
GI Pipe 20ft Pcs 279
Corogate Tin 10ft Pcs 151
Concrete Pillar 6 Pcs 5
8 Pcs 80
10 Pcs 54
12 Pcs 12
Tarpaulin 18 x 24 Pcs 80
Motka 1.5 ft Feet 1069
Bricks Pcs 22200
Cement Bags 412
White Sand CFT 135
Red Sand CFT 2113
Stone 3/4″ CFT 831
1/2″ CFT 120
Iron Rod 6mm Pcs 106
8mm Pcs 308
10mm Pcs 138
12 mm Pcs 29

In addition to it, the ashrama has taken up the reconstruction of demolished Dhablat Kushodhwaj Sishu Vidyapith. The school building will also be used as a cyclone shelter in the hour of need.

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