Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 1 August 2020

Flood Relief

Assam: On account of incessant rains in July, many areas of the state were flooded. In response to the calamity, Guwahati centre distributed, on 20 and 29 July, 306 kg rice, 102 kg pulses, 77 kg soya chunks, 51 litres cooking oil, 51 kg salt, 375 saris, 140 dhotis, 254 lungis, 487 mosquito-nets, 291 packets of biscuits, 487 hand sanitizer bottles, 400 face masks, 487 packets of detergent powder and 974 bars of soap among 487 families who had taken shelter in various schools and other places in Goalpara and Kamrup (Rural) districts.

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Cyclone Relief

The extremely severe cyclone Amphan made landfall over the West Bengal coast on 20 May and left a trail of destruction in many parts of the state and some areas of Bangladesh.  The cyclone rendered thousands of people homeless, uprooted trees and electric poles and caused inundation of several areas.

Sikra Kulingram centre distributed 2325 kg rice, 50 kg muri, 40 kg semolina, 560 kg pulses, 200 kg potatoes, 118 kg soya chunks, 66 litres cooking oil, 250 kg salt, 31 kg assorted spices, 62 kg milk powder, 50 kg sugar, 224 packets of biscuits, 200 bars of soap, 250 face masks, 400 mosquito-nets, 100 packets of candles and 500 matchboxes among 908 families in North 24 Parganas district from 7 to 7 July.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the imposition of lockdown in India, millions of people were pushed to the brink of hunger and starvation.  The Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission started relief work almost from the beginning of the crisis, bringing succour to the afflicted people


Kadapa centre served 1085 plates of cooked food and distributed 5795 kg rice, 1190 kg flour, 30 kg semolina, 2227 kg pulses, 1916 litres cooking oil, 90 kg salt, 1412 kg assorted spices, 120 kg pickles, 453 kg sugar, 500 bananas, 2162 litres buttermilk, 300 packets of drinking water and 30 litres of handwash among 2023 families in Kadapa district from 28 March to 20 July.

Madurai centre distributed 3690 kg rice, 2395 kg flour, 2250 kg semolina, 4373 kg pulses, 1341 litres cooking oil, 1250 kg salt, 1446 kg assorted spices, 2100 kg sugar, 256 tubes of toothpaste, 1080 face masks, 554 bars of detergent and 275 bars of soap among 1325 families in Madurai district from 6 April to 18 May. The centre also distributed homoeopathy medicine for boosting immunity among 24,500 people in Madurai district in June and July.

Dehradun centre distributed 7750 kg rice, 7750 kg flour, 2250 kg pulses, 1550 litres cooking oil, 1550 kg salt, 500 kg assorted spices, 1550 kg jaggery, 2000 packets of biscuits, 1000 bottles of handwash, 1037 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1100 packets of detergent powder, 1000 bars of soap and 1800 face masks among 2500 families in Dehradun district from 9 April to 27 May. The centre distributed 100 mattresses, 100 blankets, 100 bedsheets, 100 pillows and 100 pillow covers to a COVID-19 hospital under the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) on 14 July.

Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata, distributed 3762 kg rice, 3700 kg flour, 750 kg pulses, 370 kg cooking oil, 315 kg salt and 740 bars of soap among 750 families in Kolkata from 1 April to 9 July.

Asansol centre distributed 26,998kg rice, 957 kg flour, 3880 kg pulses, 192 kg soya chunks, 14,416 kg potatoes, 3489 litres cooking oil, 1065 kg salt, 32,157 packets of biscuits, 600 packets of cake, 6978 bars of soap, 70 vests, 70 towels and 1026 face masks among 7208 families in Paschim Bardhaman district from 31 March to 6 June. It also conducted homoeopathy camps on 19 June and 15 July in which 1867 patients were given medicines for boosting immunity.

Darjeeling centre distributed 3125 kg rice, 302 kg flour, 180 kg chira, 180 sattu, 380 kg pulses, 1100 kg potatoes, 175 kg soya chunks, 300 kg salt, 380 packets turmeric powder, 433 litres cooking oil, 2 packets of milk powder, 351 packets of biscuits, 151 kg sugar, 260 sanitary napkins, 5 litres of hand sanitizer, 325 bars of soap and 11,550 face masks among 1475 families in Darjeeling district from 2 April to 10 July.

Naora centre distributed 30,500 kg rice, 660 kg flour, 2783 kg pulses, 16,700 kg potatoes, 50 kg soya chunks, 3672 litres cooking oil, 48 kg milk powder, 4650 packets of biscuits, 375 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1874 face masks and 100 bars of soap among 6192 families in South 24 Parganas district from 31 March to 9 May. The centre distributed 175 tarpaulins among 175 families in South 24 Parganas district on 5 July.


Bagerhat centre conducted awareness campaigns and distributed 2794 kg rice, 661 kg pulses, 701 kg potatoes, 480 kg chira, 292 kg salt, 265 litres cooking oil, 480 litres water, 537 bars of soap and 50 face masks among 911 families in Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira districts from 28 March to 26 July.


Fiji centre served 2250 lunches in July. It also provided uniforms, stationery, medical assistance, etc to the needy students.

South Africa

Durban centre, along with its sub-centres, distributed 630 kg rice, 315 kg pulses, 630 packets of baked beans, 315 kg maize meal, 630 packets of noodles, 158 kg macaroni, 630 packets of soup, 32 kg assorted spices, 158 kg salt, 236 litres cooking oil, 158 kg sugar, 315 litres milk, 315 packets of tea bags and 315 bars of soap among 315 families at various places in July.  The centre also distributed 150 blankets, baby cereal and nappies to various child care centres, and 100 face shields, 100 face masks, 100 plastic aprons, 100 soap dispensers, 100 hand sanitizer bottles, 100 pairs of gloves and 3 temperature scanners to a crèche in Durban.

Phoenix centre, along with its Johannesburg sub-centre, distributed 1810 kg rice, 513 kg maize meal, 102 kg fortified cereal, 1150 kg pulses, 1521 kg potatoes, 803 kg onions, 656 kg squashes, 249 litres milk, 5 kg carrots, 8 kg sweet potatoes, 85 kg assorted spices, 300 kg salt, 825 litres cooking oil, 812 cans of tinned food, 40 kg soup powder, 25,000 tea bags, 305 kg sugar, 6 kg oranges, 5 litres fruit juice, 150 cakes, 135 kg biscuits, 350 matchboxes, 746 bars of soap, 300 face masks, 30 litres hand sanitizer, 300 adult napkins, 72 knitting packs, 50 blankets and 100 kg pet food in July.  The centre also distributed a litre of milk and a loaf of bread to 13 families thrice a week.  Further, the centre’s clinic provided counselling service to healthcare professionals and workers.

Cyclone Rehabilitation

For repair and renovation of houses that had been damaged by Cyclone Amphan, Manasadwip provided 80 tarpaulins, 1701 asbestos sheets, 279 GI pipes, 151 tin sheets, 151 concrete pillars, 591 iron rods, 1069 feet matka (ridge covers), 412 bags of cement, 135 cft white sand, 2113 cft red sand, 951 cft stone chips and 22,000 bricks to 211 families in South 24 Parganas district in June and July. In all, the centre will help repair and renovation of 214 houses; so far the work on 97 has been completed.

The centre has also started the reconstruction of a school building that was damaged by the cyclone. The building will serve as a cyclone shelter in case of calamities.

Distress Relief

To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, Shyampukur Bati distributed 250 blankets and Lusaka centres distributed 100 kg powdered maize among the poor and needy people.

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