Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 01 September 2017

Flood Relief in Assam

Flood Relief by Guwahati Ashrama


India: (i) Assam: Guwahati centre distributed 1000 buns, 500 packets of biscuits, 460 saris, 375 dhotis, 100 lungis, 500 mosquito-nets, 3000 candles and 600 packets of matchboxes among 473 flood-affected families at Laukhowa village of Bhurbadha block in Nagaon district on 20 August.

Flood Relief in Bihar 

Flood Relief by Katihar Ashrama

(ii) Bihar: Katihar centre distributed 6530 kg chira (rice flakes), 285 kg sugar, 413 kg gur (molasses), 700 packets of biscuits, 350 litres of drinking water, 570 polythene sheets, 4716 candles, 700 torches and 4146 matchboxes among 1866 flood-affected families of 22 villages in Katihar district from 19 to 25 August.

Flood Relief in Gujarat 

Flood Relief by Vadodara Ashrama

(iii) Gujarat:

(a) Limbdi centre served 3125 plates of cooked food, 212 litres of milk and 2625 packets of assorted snacks to 625 people in various places of Limbdi taluk from 27 to 31 July.

(b) Rajkot centre distributed 336 educational kits (each kit containing a school bag, a geometry box, 3 notebooks, etc) among flood-affected students of Maliya and Mitana villages in Morbi district on 10 August.

(c) Vadodara centre distributed 9019 kg rice, 10,328 kg flour, 2671 kg dal, 1442 kg gram, 1004 kg edible oil, 333 kg assorted spices, 721 kg salt, 389 kg farsan (snacks), 2730 packets of biscuits, 360 kg milk powder, 72 kg tea leaves, 721 kg sugar, 8652 candles, 721 matchboxes, 567 plates, 567 bowls, 567 tumblers, 721 tarpaulins and 50 hand-carts among 1782 flood-affected families, and 1700 educational kits (each kit containing a school bag, a geometry box, writing materials, notebooks, crayons, etc) among poor and needy students of 60 villages in Banaskantha and Patan districts from 31 July to 15 August.

Flood Relief in Uttar Pradesh 

Flood Relief by Lucknow Ashrama

(iv) Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow centre served 4280 food packets and distributed 6500 kg rice, 1300 kg dal (lentils), 2080 kg salt, 1500 kg chira, 300 kg sugar, 5000 litres of drinking water, 5432 candles, 4580 packets of matchboxes, 1008 saris, 465 shirts, 600 T-shirts, 1040 pants, 2386 children’s garments, 208 mosquito-nets and 617 tarpaulins among 2620 flood-affected families of 41 villages in Gonda, Barabanki, Balarampur and Faizabad districts from 7 to 28 August.

Flood Relief in West Bengal  

Flood Relief by Headquarters, Belur Math


(v) West Bengal:

(a) The Headquarters (Belur Math) distributed 20,000 kg chira, 3500 kg sugar, 22,000 packets of biscuits, 408 kg milk powder, 496 tarpaulins, 179 plastic sheets and 1.8 lakh halogen tablets among 8988 flood-affected families belonging to 43 villages of Mansuka and Ghatal blocks in Paschim Medinipur district from 1 to 8 August.

Flood Relief by Antpur Ashrama

Flood Relief by Antpur Ashrama

(b) Antpur centre distributed 50,275 kg chira, 1200 kg sugar, 1 lakh halogen tablets and 100 kg bleaching powder among 29,186 families belonging to 107 villages of Jangipara, Pursurah, Khanakul-1 and Khanakul-2 blocks in Hooghly district, and Udaynarayanpur and Amta-2 blocks in Howrah district from 26 July to 7 August.

Flood Relief by Belgharia Ashrama

Flood Relief by Belgharia Ashrama

(c) Belgharia centre distributed 27,000 kg chira, 3800 kg sugar, 1000 loaves of bread, 7570 packets of biscuits, 780 kg milk powder, 400 kg bleaching powder, 200 plastic sheets and 2.7 lakh halogen tablets among 4022 families belonging to 18 villages of Daspur-1 and Daspur-2 blocks in Paschim Medinipur district from 28 July to 7 August. The centre also held three medical camps in that region on 27 August in which 909 flood-affected patients were treated.

Flood Relief by Cooch Behar Ashrama

Flood Relief by Cooch Behar Ashrama

(d) Cooch Behar centre served 11,945 plates of cooked food to 1590 flood-affected families of 7 villages in Cooch Behar district from 13 to 16 August.

Flood Relief by Gadadhar Ashrama

Flood Relief by Gadadhar Ashrama

(e) Gadadhar Ashrama served cooked food to 850 flood-affected people and distributed 550 kg chira, 100 kg sugar, 40 kg sattu (gram flour), 450 packets of biscuits, 35 saris, 60 dhotis and 80 kg bleaching powder among 250 families of Saibona village in Khanakul-1 block of Hooghly district on 12 August.

Flood Relief by Gourhati Ashrama

Flood Relief by Gourhati Ashrama

(f) Gourhati centre distributed 7300 kg chira, 820 kg sugar, 1500 packets of biscuits, 1104 candles, 2000 packets of matchboxes, 1500 saris, 320 tarpaulins, 180 plastic sheets and 50,000 halogen tablets among 4336 flood-affected families of 15 villages in Arambagh, Khanakul-1 and Khanakul-2 blocks of Hooghly district from 28 July to 12 August.

Flood Relief by Ichhapur Ashrama

(g) Ichhapur centre distributed 20,000 kg chira, 2500 kg sugar, 27 tarpaulins, 179 plastic sheets, 100 kg bleaching powder and 1 lakh halogen tablets among 10,484 flood-affected families of 33 villages in Hooghly and Paschim Medinipur districts from 27 July to 6 August.

Flood Relief by Kamarpukur and Jayrambati

Flood relief by Kamarpukur Ashrama

(h) Jayrambati centre distributed 6000 kg chira, 1100 kg sugar, 200 kg milk powder, 150 kg rice, 150 kg dal and 2400 packets of biscuits among 2200 flood-affected families of 14 villages in Daspur-1 block of Paschim Medinipur district from 4 to 8 August.

(i) Kamarpukur centre distributed 11,550 kg chira, 1173 kg sugar, 269 kg biscuits, 1500 saris, 1500 dhotis, 100 plastic sheets, 100 tarpaulins, 100 kg bleaching powder and 1 lakh halogen tablets among 10,495 flood-affected families of 47 villages in Pursurah, Goghat, Khanakul-1 and Khanakul-2 blocks of Hooghly district from 30 July to 19 August.

Flood Relief by Malda

Flood Relief by Malda Ashrama

(j) Malda centre distributed 5000 kg chira, 500 kg sugar, 1000 packets of biscuits and 200 kg milk powder among 1000 flood-affected families of Bamangola block in Malda district from 16 to 18 August.

 Flood Relief by Saradapitha

Flood Relief by Saradapitha

(k) Saradapitha centre distributed 1700 kg chira, 800 kg sugar, 675 kg rice, 200 kg dal, 500 kg potatoes, 4696 packets of biscuits, 30 kg muri (puffed rice), 240 kg milk powder, 1200 litres of drinking water and 106 tarpaulins among 1435 flood-affected families of 12 villages in Amta-2 block of Howrah district from 29 July to 18 August. The centre also distributed 150 litres of bottled drinking water among 50 families in Howrah Municipality on 11 July.

Flood Relief in Dinajpur 

Flood Relief by Dinajpur Ashrama

Bangladesh: Dinajpur centre served cooked food and distributed 90 kg chira and 10 kg gur among 7000 flood-affected persons in various areas of Dinajpur district from 13 to 17 August.

Landslide Relief

Arunachal Pradesh: In response to a landslide in Pak Gumin village in West Siang district, Aalo centre distributed 11 blankets, a set of utensils (a karahi, 4 plates, 4 bowls, a pot, a kettle, a bucket, a ladle, a jug, a tumbler and a mug) and stationery items (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc) to a family on 1 August.

Fire Relief

Arunachal Pradesh: In the wake of an accidental fire at Tadin village in West Siang district, Aalo centre distributed 234 blankets and 37 sets of utensils (each set containing 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 cooking pots, a kettle, a bucket, a ladle, a jug, a tumbler and a mug) among 37 families, and stationery items (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc) among 19 students on 13 August.

Distress Relief

The following centres distributed various items to needy people:


(a) Darjeeling: 470 shirts, 390 pants, 70 salwar-kameez (ladies garments), 50 children’s garments and 120 bed-sheets on 10 August.

(b) Nagpur: 1008 school uniforms, 3024 notebooks and 1008 pens from 10 July to 2 August.


Chittagong: 90 kg rice, 225 kg flour, 90 kg dal, 225 kg chira, 90 litres of edible oil and 90 kg salt on 29 July.

Winter Relief

The following centres distributed blankets and winter garments to needy people:

(a) Darjeeling: 40 sweaters, 51 jackets and 80 blankets on 10 August.

(b) Ooty: 300 blankets from 28 June to 20 July.

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