Ramanathapuram: COVID-19 Relief Services

Ramakrishna Math, Ramanathapuram

Ramakrishna Math, Ramanathapuram, is continuing the COVID-19 pandemic relief to the families affected due to the lockdown.

The Ramanathapuram ashrama has distributed 9850 kg rice, 4300 kg dal, 1850 kg cooking oil, 1850 kg sugar, 343.25 kg (1185 packets) of Vermicelli, 350 kg assorted spices and 3900 bars of soap among 1950 families from 15 April to 30 April 2020.

On 15 April the ashrama has distributed 2500 kg rice, 3220 kg dal, 500 kg cooking oil, 500 kg sugar, 88 kg assorted spices and 1000 bars of soap among 500 families of daily wages labourers at Nagachi, Sethupathy Nagar, Vellamasi Valasai, Thevar nagar, Kenikarai Valasai, Muttan Valasai ans Kattakarai Valasai villages.


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