International Yoga Day 2019 : RKMVERI

International Day of Yoga at Belur University campus:

RKMVERI observed International Yoga Day at the Belur campus. It is being celebrated for the last four years (2015 to 2018) under the guidance and sponsorship of CCRYN. This year, a gathering of more than 200 participants from different yoga organizations and local clubs assembled on 21 June 2019 at Belur campus.

The following five eminent local organizations participated:

(i) Janashiksha Mandir, Belur Math, Howrah;

(ii) Salkia Swiming Association, Howrah;

(iii) North Point Yoga Centre, Howrah;

(iv) Mohana Club, Howrah;

(v) Yogangan, shibpur, Howrah.

Along with them, all students of the Department of Sports Science and Yoga as well as students from other departments, university staff, monks and teachers assembled early in the morning at 6 am in the university campus.

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