Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 1 September 2020

Flood Relief

Assam: On account of incessant rains in July, many areas of the state were flooded. In response to the calamity, Guwahati centre distributed 726 kg rice, 222 kg pulses, 137 kg soya chunks, 111 litres cooking oil, 111 kg salt, 630 packets of fruit juice, 411 packets of biscuits, 476 saris, 156 dhotis, 285 lungis, 547 mosquito-nets, 607 hand sanitizer bottles, 931 face masks, 607 packets of detergent powder and 1214 bars of soap among 607 families in Goalpara and Kamrup districts from 20 July to 1 September.

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Bihar: On account of flooding in most parts of the Muzaffarpur district, Muzaffarpur centre served 1500 plates of cooked food to flood victims on 5 and 6 August.

Gujarat: In response to the flooding of many areas of Rajkot due to incessant rains, Rajkot centre served 1000 plates of cooked food to flood-affected people in slum areas on 24 August.

Kerala: Torrential rains led to the flooding of many areas in Kozhikode district. In response to this calamity, Koyilandy centre distributed 1000 kg rice, 400 kg flour and 400 kg pulses among 200 families in Koyilandy on 12 August.

Cyclone Relief

In the wake of the extremely severe cyclone Amphan, which made landfall over the West Bengal coast on 20 May and left a trail of destruction in many parts of the state, the following centres continued their relief operations:

Belgharia centre distributed 407 solar lights among the victims on 13 August.

Gadadhar Ashrama, Kolkata, served 960 plates of cooked food to the affected people in Kolkata from 1 to 24 August.

Manasadwip centre distributed 200 kg potatoes, 100 kg muri (puffed rice), 300 kg pulses, 100 litres cooking oil, 100 kg salt and 20 kg assorted spices among 100 families in South 24 Parganas district on 10 August.

Sarisha centre distributed 750 kg flour, 300 kg pulses, 150 kg soya chunks, 150 litres cooking oil and 45 kg assorted spices among 150 families in South 24 Parganas district on 13 July.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the imposition of lockdown in India, millions of people were pushed to the brink of hunger and starvation.  The Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission started relief work almost from the beginning of the crisis, bringing succour to the afflicted people


Salem centre distributed 4050 kg rice, 3780 kg flour, 3780 kg semolina, 3700 kg pulses, 1275 kg sattu (gram flour), 350 kg fried grams, 804 litres cooking oil, 770 kg salt, 468 kg assorted spices, 160 kg tea leaves, 1895 packets of sweetmeats, 3900 packets of biscuits, 2040 bars of bathing soap, 2040 bars of detergent soap, 2040 bars of dish soap and 200 face masks among 1890 families in Salem district from 10 June to 19 August.

Darjeeling centre distributed 1000 kg rice, 100 kg flour, 50 kg chira (rice flakes), 50 kg sattu, 100 kg pulses, 200 kg potatoes, 50 kg soya chunks, 100 kg salt, 100 packets of turmeric powder, 100 litres cooking oil, 100 packets of biscuits, 50 kg sugar and 100 bars of soap among 205 families in Darjeeling district from 11 July to 23 August.

Sarisha centre served 18,440 plates of cooked food to the affected people in South 24 Parganas district from 6 July to 8 August.


Bagerhat centre distributed 310 kg rice, 62 kg pulses, 62 kg potatoes, 31 litres cooking oil and 62 kg salt among 62 families in Khulna district on 27 August.

Habiganj centre distributed 325 kg rice, 65 kg flour, 65 kg pulses, 195 kg potatoes, 65 litres cooking oil, 65 kg salt and 65 bars of soap among 65 families in Habiganj district on 23 July.

Narayanganj centre distributed 3811 kg rice, 1836 kg flour, 1947 kg pulses, 71 kg semolina, 100 kg muri (puffed rice), 1599 packets of biscuits, 4812 packets of noodles, 855 packets of chips, 230 kg cooking oil, 230 kg salt, 143 kg sugar, 335 face masks, 150 bars of soap, 50 bottles of handwash, 600 pens, 50 geometry boxes, 150 writing pads, 600 pencils, 50 erasers and 50 bags among 692 families in Narayanganj district from 20 March to 7 August.


Fiji centre served 3150 meals to students in August.

South Africa

Durban centre, along with its sub-centres, distributed 508 kg rice, 254 kg pulses, 254 kg sugar beans, 254 kg maize meal, 127 kg macaroni, 25 kg assorted spices, 254 kg salt, 191 litres cooking oil, 254 packets of milk, 254 kg sugar, 254 packets of tea bags, 250 loaves of bread, 254 bottles of jam, 254 bars of soap, 254 packets of soup, etc among 254 families at Durban in August. The centre also conducted free Covid-19 testing for 30 patients.

Phoenix centre, along with its Johannesburg sub-centre, distributed 1810 kg rice, 513 kg maize meal, 102 kg fortified cereal, 1150 kg pulses, 1521 kg potatoes, 803 kg onions, 656 kg squashes, 249 litres milk, 5 kg carrots, 8 kg sweet potatoes, 85 kg assorted spices, 300 kg salt, 825 litres cooking oil, 812 cans of tinned food, 40 kg soup powder, 25,000 tea bags, 305 kg sugar, 6 kg oranges, 5 litres fruit juice, 150 cakes, 135 kg biscuits, 350 matchboxes, 746 bars of soap, 300 face masks, 30 litres hand sanitizer, 300 adult napkins, 72 knitting packs, 50 blankets and 100 kg pet food in July.  The centre also distributed a litre of milk and a loaf of bread to 13 families thrice a week.  Further, the centre’s clinic provided counselling service to healthcare professionals and workers.


Lusaka centre distributed 550 kg maize powder, 28 kg salt, 41 litres cooking oil, 55 kg sugar, 55 packets of biscuits and 55 packets of detergent soap among 55 families in Lusaka in August.

Cyclone Rehabilitation

Manasadwip centre distributed 1752 asbestos sheets, 295 GI pipes, 154 tin sheets, 561 iron rods, 252 concrete pillars, 22,200 bricks, 144 bamboo poles, 898 feet matka (ridge covers), 411 cement bags, 851 cft stone chips, 135 cft white sand, 1958 cft red sand, 101 tarpaulins and 5 kg binding wire from 4 June to 22 August among 230 families in South 24 Parganas district to help them repair and renovate their houses that had been damaged by Cyclone Amphan. In all, the centre will provide this help to repair and renovate 215 houses; so far the work on 117 houses has been completed.

Distress Relief

To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, our Bagda and Lusaka centres distributed 200 shirts and 100 kg powdered maize among the poor and needy people.

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