Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 01 January 2019

Relief Services by the Ramakrishna Mission centres

Flood Relief


Karnataka and Kerala: Our centres continued relief operations among the families affected by the severe floods that had hit the two states in the month of August. Details are given below:


Ponnampet centre distributed 4015 kg rice, 1808 kg flour / rice flakes, 1756 kg dal, 2810 kg vegetables, 283 kg assorted spices, 710 litres of edible oil, 592 kg milk powder, 167 kg tea leaves, 619 kg sugar, 10,631 bakery products, 13,360 packaged food items, 9984 packets of fruit juice, 4440 litres of water, 471 assorted utensils, 1392 saris, 6247 assorted garments, 9660 assorted household items, 15,923 sanitary items, 694 solar torches and 2062 stationery items among 1492 flood-affected families in Kodagu district from 1 to 16 September.


To alleviate the suffering of a poor flood-affected family by helping them build their own house, Koyilandy centre distributed 80 kg cement, 70 kg corrugated sheets, 274 kg of Iron beams, 25 litres of paint, 347 meters of wooden beam and other necessary hardware items in Kozhikode district from 1 October to 15 December.

The Headquarters is in the process of undertaking flood rehabilitation work by constructing 10 anganwadis (rural child care centre) in the Alappuzha district.

Sri Lanka

In response to flooding of the Visuvamadu village in Mullaitivu district, Colombo centre distributed 1000 kg rice, 440 kg dal, 385 kg noodles, 330 kg sugar, 480 kg milk powder, 540 packets of biscuits, 1875 packets malt powder, 370 mats, 65 buckets, 65 mugs, 365 bedsheets, 1920 match-boxes, 1980 candles, 1650 packets of tooth powder and 800 notebooks among 194 flood-affected families on 29 and 30 December.

Cyclone Relief 

Tamil Nadu

In the wake of the devastating cyclone ‘Gaja’, the following centres conducted relief services:

Chennai Math served more than 62,000 plates of cooked food to affected people and distributed 1000 tarpaulins among an equal number of families in Nagai, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur and Thiruvarur districts on 16 December.

Kanchipuram centre distributed 4800 kg rice, 600 kg dal, 480 kg tamarind, 240 litres of edible oil, 480 kg salt, 480 kg sugar, 480 packets of asafoetida and 468 kg of assorted spices among 480 families in Thanjavur district on 8 December.

Madurai centre distributed 1000 kg rice, 600 kg wheat flour, 150 kg dal, 100 kg semolina, 150 litres of edible oil, 1100 packets of biscuits, 536 shirts, 636 trousers, 300 lungis, 750 saris, 450 bedsheets and 300 ladies’ garments among 300 families in Mannargudi and Thiruvarur districts on 16 December.

Fire Relief 

West Bengal: In response to a fire accident at a slum in Kolkata, Kankurgachhi centre distributed 17 karahis, 17 handis, 34 ladles, 17 buckets, 17 mugs, 17 jugs, 52 plates, 52 bowls and 52 tumblers among 17 affected families on 26 December.

Photos and Report of Fire Relief: Kankurgachhi

Winter Relief

This year, 59,128 blankets and 1,33,762 winter garments are being distributed among the poor and needy people, through 110 of our branch centres in different parts of the country.




Narottam Nagar:


Shyampukur Bati:

Distress Relief

In the current year (2018-19), new adult garments donated to us by ITC Ltd. are being distributed among the poor and needy under the Garments Distribution Programme. ITC Ltd. has donated nearly 4.98 lakh garments and 11.14 lakh other items (2,13,496 shirts/T-shirts, 1,52,565 trousers, 1,32,018 sweaters and 11,13,822 stationery items) to 83 of our branch centres.







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