COVID-19 Relief Services By Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia, is continuing the relief services for the families affected due to the lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic.

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith has been conducting COVID-19 relief work regularly in every week since 2 April 2020. Till now the centre provides the poor people of its adjacent villages i.e., Bongabari, Chunardih, Fatukdih, Hatuara, Potnara, Surulia, Dhurahi & Birgiri with rice, dal, atta, potato, cow milk, mustard oil, soybean, salt, turmeric, chira, biscuit and soap. The centre also provided relief materials for two weeks to some distant villages i.e., Chitra, Malthore, Khairipihira, Haramjanga, Chakra, Mishiridih, Shirkabaid & Jalika where rice, dal, salt & soap were distributed among the villagers. As a result of which 4667 number of families (18,668 persons) were benefited. Apart from that, the relief materials for three weeks were sent to the Nachnis & Jhumurs of Senabona, Kotshila & Surulia villages, the daily wage earners of Chatanipara and the inmates of Arsha Sidhu-Kanhu Orphanage, Purulia through which 337 number of families (1258 persons) could get food items. The relief materials for two weeks were also sent to Naba-Kushthashrama’ (for 40 Leprosy patients) at Dabar-Balarampur and rice, dal, ata, mustard oil, salt, turmeric, biscuit and soap were distributed to 14 families of Kalindipara (Dhabghata), Bhangra, Biltora & Piralgara. As a result, 216 people could get the benefit of it.

Till now, by dint of sincere effort, the centre 24,142 persons of Purulia District could receive relief materials through COVID-19 Relief Work.

The ashrama distributed 3248 kg rice, 1269 kg dal, 2538 kg potatoes, 112 litres cooking oil, 112 kg Soybeans, 56 kg turmeric powder, 312 kg salt, 1269 litres milk and 960 bars of soap among 1269 families in Purulia district from 2 to 18 April.


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