COVID-19 Relief Services By The Headquarters, Belur Math, through Nabadwip and Baganchra Ashrama

The Headquarters, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, did relief services in Nadia District of West Bengal, through the ashramas at Baganchra and Nabadwip.

Baganchra Ashrama : The ashrama distributed 4000 kg rice, 400 kg dal, 160 kg soybeans, 400 kg salt, 400 kg sugar, 200 kg cooking oil and 800 bars of soap among 800 families in Nabadwip on 15 April.

Nabadwip Ashrama : The ashrama distributed 2000 kg rice, 200 kg dal, 80 kg soybeans, 200 kg salt, 200 kg sugar, 80 kg cooking oil and 400 bars of soap among 400 families in Nabadwip from 1 to 6 April.

Baganchra Ashrama

Nabadwip Ashrama


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